French artist and singer-songwriter Juliette Jemm awakens the child in all of us with her new single, L’enfant qui dort en toi. Its sweet lines of euphony stream through the heart and illuminate your mood.

Fresh and illuminating, the track is a feel-good gem that will make your heart soar. The simplistic composition is made up of unitary elements synthesized to form an enticing soundscape. The acoustic vocals are enchantingly pure and endearing that are magnified by popping harmonies that elate the mind. Its dainty and delicate style is like a boat bobbing on a calm and serene ocean. You can’t help but surrender to its tranquility and peace. The vocal arrangement and melodies are orchestrated to illuminate the wonder and happiness of the child in us.

In the backdrop is a streaming influx of vibrant synths frolicking in a garden of enchanting emotions. Beneath the glistening leaves and blossoming flowers, tree nymphs spread cheer. Mellow and soothing, the track is wholesome and instantly lifts the mood. In the bridge, the artist uses a sweeping cello melody that roots the whole experience to us before a beat climb lands us in the song’s outro.

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