Kabelle comprises singer-songwriter and artist, Katie Jones and producer and artist, Adam Gordon. Serendipitously formed in the throes of the covid-19 pandemic, the duo have a palpable chemistry and musical camaraderie. And together, they made Kabelle into a beguiling electro-pop banner that emotionally entertains and excites. Their latest release is their seven track album, Restless Mind that explores the conceptual dimensions of our psyche using trippy blends. And taken from this album, Buried is Kabelle ‘s excavation of lost thoughts using electro sonics tools.

The track has a way of inducing a sense of surreality. Its shining synths and stellar hooks absorb the brain with hyperactivity and the body with movement. Ricocheting bass lines are paired with rising synths, forming a directional tug-a-war. This speaks to the sophisticated production value of the song. The seamless fusions of mercurial frames and conceptual designs are a wonder to evidence.

And in this stretching soundscape, Katie’s synthetic vocals are smooth lines that seamlessly fold into electro-pink sonic sky. Despite its title, the song soars to high synth peaks alluding to the adage that the deeper you feel and think, the higher you will fly and flourish.

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Buried by Kabelle here –