Icelandic singer-songwriter Kahnin delivers his brand of soothing therapy in a song with his new release, Go Kart. The hearty track takes us back to sweeter and simpler times. As its title evokes a childlike glee, the lyrics and melodies lure us into a haze of happiness. Listening to the song is like living on a cloud drifting through the pink skies of dreamland. 

The vibe of the track is right on brand for Kahnin. Known for his inspiring and hopeful blends, he leases out happy places to his listeners until they can build one for themselves. Go Kart is a combination of melodic pop and indie rock. Winking acoustics carry us through the nostalgic imagery in the lyrics. The fuzzy basslines disperse into the soundscape, a spreading mist that is absorbed by the rest of the elements. 

It is fresh. It is romantic. And it is happy. Kahnin is the musical moniker of Gudmundur Jens Gudmundsson. With an underrated sophistication that is reminiscent of The 1975, Cigarettes After Sex, Kahnin crafts chill songs for the soul. 

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