Amplifying her pop energy with dance-driven Latin style beats and hooks, Kelsie Kimberlin does it yet again with her new single, Fruit Basket! Kimberlin has a sophisticated flair and immutable confidence that drive her songs to be a raging hit! It is impressive to see how her songs are all movements of energy that you cannot ignore. So get ready to sway your hips and have some good old fun.

Her strong vocals voluptuously engulf the groovy wave of vintage Latin melodies and beats. The vocals are framed by addictive beats and beautiful acoustic accents that set the bases of a tropical soundscape. You can almost visualize the busy markets with colorful clothes, fruits, and souvenirs on display. Reminiscent of relaxing summer vacations, the song’s energy is a total vibe. Feel your worries melt away as you jive to its magnificent musical setup.

The artist is known to use her powerful vocals and magnetic compositions to bring out issues and themes that affect humanity. We see it in her singles, Lobotomy, and American Guns. She also delves into the emotional aspects of humans and makes beautiful compositions about love, beauty, travel, and other themes.

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