Kiri T is an artist who is based in Hong Kong and grew up in the US, UK, and HK. Her music will surely blow your minds away! She spins music that is on the verge of being a whole new genre. Her experimental approach toward music is what makes her songs so special. She is surely a great writer when it comes to her lyrics and is very innovative with her music and vocals as well. This is surely an artist whose discography can caress your heart and make you addicted right off the bat. She has released a total of 13 singles and 3 albums and each one of them packs an easter egg.

I came across this amazing artist recently through her track U owe me $$ which is surely a track that is going to keep on playing on repeat on my speakers for days. The track has a drop so fresh that you will be amazed to discover such an innovative track. The melodies are ecstatic and bind the listeners to them with an amazing aura. My personal favorite part of the track is the chorus which is so addictive that it has been playing on my mind on repeat since I heard the track. Her vocals will elevate you to a whole different plane of reality! The mesmerizing vocals and melodic structure of the track are surely remarkable. You should listen to the track! Trust me you will be addicted to Kiri T instantly.

You can catch a little glimpse of the track here-