The King of The Clout Clan or KOTC Clan has a tumulus sound. Their brand of rolling rhythm and insurmountable energy are a wonder in the power-pop genre. Comprising artists from all around the world, the international band has an international sound. The impactful soundscapes make full use of sound textures to create sensationally riveting sounds. Mirror Selfie (Mirror On The Wall) is the sophomore single of KOTC Clan. Bodacious basslines, clicking beats, and infectious verses have us hooked from beginning to end.

The band is infamous for appropriating internet trends to create an atmosphere of universal fun. Using the strength of percussion, their songs are addictive pathways to vivacity. In this track, the band transforms the imagery from the fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to serve the contemporary mania of mirror selfies. With hints of vintage acoustics towards the beginning of the song, the sound bursts into an eclectic world of pop-rap, whimsical basslines, and wonder beats.

This high-pop band is made up of rappers and singers under the banners, KOTC Drew, KOTC Vibe, KOTC Gamal, and KOTC music band, each bringing their own style and sound to the table.

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