If you haven’t known what to expect from an artist, nowhere is it more applicable than Laredo’s Bag. Last Night is their debut release, and they have a track that is unique, surprising at moments and yes, not for everyone. Let’s dive into why this track could be your favourite of the week, or not.

The theme is a narrative, by the protagonist meeting someone. Their lyrics are more or less spoken, like an audiobook, so you might not groove to it if you don’t find a musical edge in it. With the verse and chorus groove is a resounding, catchy instrumental section that sounds like The Smiths, if they had a sunnier disposition. It’s a really enjoyable tempo and style, and quite honestly-something that can be an icebreaker of a track at your next party.

With no other track or album under their belt, this bold introduction is how you’ll know them. It has a dry wit to the execution as well, as the lyrics are poetically bulletproof. There is a pop rock swing to it, and brings back the musical memories for the 80s generation of listeners. Know how much you’ll dig Laredo’s Bag with their latest single Last Night-an experience at a fair which you went to just to explore. Take out your dancing shoes, some magic might happen.