Legna Hernandez is a Spanish Pop punk and Alternative Rock artist with a large online presence as content creator on Instagram and TikTok. She has been making music since April 2023 and “Tiana” is her 6th single with Californian artist Love Ghost.

“Tiana” starts off feeling like it is going to be a Rock emo track, but the gamified sound effect that is reminiscent of video games in the early 2000s kicks in soon enough to let us know that playful times are ahead.  The track feels intentionally manufactured and I thought that the audio was engineered well. The production creates the physicality of space with sound and plays around with ambience which keeps the different elements diverse and interesting.

Legna Hernandez’s voice is feminine and expressive and plays into the slightly the robotic yet teasing character which reminds me of the way artists like Kali Uchis use their voice. The effects used on her vocals like echo, reverb and even layering add an electronic and industrial element. Love Ghost’s verse and voice is quite compatible with that of Legna and his voice is also layered interestingly. The “hmm hmm” in the beginning of his verse is quite human and seductive. His verse lyrically explores things beyond physicality like death and the juxtapositions between angels and darkness.

The track ends with a hummed “na na na” bringing some playful elements back to it. The song is high in terms of the energy levels with the percussion being bass heavy throughout and the blurred strings adding to this heaviness in the chorus making the track not one for all occasions.

If you are looking to add a heavy yet playful track to your playlist, let it be “Tiana” by Legna Hernandez.