Lettie and composer extraordinaire David Baron come together for Escape. It is a mellow respite that transcends time and is a self-containing capsule. The vocal performance and overall composition is a class apart in putting together a track that could be your next infinite loop.

Lettie climbed the indie charts for her cover of Gloria Jones’ Tainted Love. With her mesmerizing voice and captivating style of performing, her approach is something many seasoned artists strive for. David Baron struck gold with his 2020 album Whisperers. For this track, they combined forces of a power that was meant to be. With Lettie having otherworldly, saintly vocals and David Baron capitalizing on the flow of his simple but meticulously executed compositions, it was clear during conception that Escape would be a journey. Lettie glides through the verse and chorus, while David commandeers the song with spatial, sonorous instrumentals. The solo is also slightly muted and in balance to not take away from the witching thematics of the song.

Escape is hopefully one of the many collaborations these two fantastic artists will do. They have a chemistry that is born from complementing sounds, and a much more powerful and enchanting tone is found this way. To more beginnings and journeys, we cheer. Till then, listen to their track here: