Liberati is a soul-friend. His cinematic-pop styled music seeps into the soul with its feel-good sonics and thoughtful lyricism. The artist liberates moments and memories from the cavities of his mind in ways that inspire us to do the same. True to his moniker, the artist’s songs are known to make you forget your troubles and escape into his world of dreamy sound. For his new single, Find Out, LIBERATI collaborates with singer-songwriter, Rebecca Brunner. It combines Brunner’s soul sensibilities with his popping synth orchestra to create an expanding fabric of soul-pop. 

This track, Find Out, explores a mosaic of emotions as it chronicles a journey of revival and soul renaissance. The melancholic baritones of LIBERATI lock beautifully into Rebecca’s cascading silk vocals to evoke a rich streak of passion. 

Vivid synths flash alongside the gentle lines of rhythmic beats. We also see some acoustic guitar deco texturising the smooth synths. The smooth and fluid soundscape pours down like magic rain. And every drop is like ambrosia; brimming with a love that brings us back to life. 

Liberati is an Ohio-born, Malibu-based singer-songwriter and artist. His work is largely inspired by the post-disco pop from the 80s which he blends with modern edm textures and narrative styles of indie-pop bands like The 1975, LANY, and Joan.

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You can listen to Find Out by LIBERATI featuring Rebecca Brunner here –