Liv Charette is already doing quite well in the music industry with 10,000 monthly listeners at the time of writing of this article. And this is with good reason. Her song Red Flags White is a great production, very modern and contemporary. The vocals are crystal clear, easy to understand what the song is about. There is a broken up relationship, sounds like a very personal song for Liv. She speaks about being over the loss of the relationship. The tone of the song is a bit aggressive, which is nice. This is a woman that won’t get walked over.

All in all it’s a very radio friendly commercial sounding song that will stick in your head forever. Especially the chorus is perfect for that. On the downside, the competition in English pop music is super high and you really have to have something very special to make it. Besides a good song, that might be an inspiring background story or good connections in the music industry. Time will tell if Liv Charette will really make it into the big league of female artists.