LoLo Keys reveals sonic versatility in the most refreshing ways. His style is subtle, elegant, effortless, and even playful. And listening to his music can often be an experience in sincere evocation and curious contemplations. LoLo Keys is the musical project of Canadian songwriter and composer, Kevin Holman. The artist’s work is influenced by both convention and contemporary as he blends alt-pop, progressive rock, singer/ songwriter style, with alt-jazz, blues, and soul. ‘Not Worth It’ is the artist’s debut single, a track that instantly reveals his love for novelty, authenticity, and explorative musicality. Listen Now! 

iTunes Artwork for 'Not Worth It - Single (by LoLo Keys)'

The track was released earlier this year (2024). Opening on a soft acoustic note, he nurtures and expands his ideas progressively. With pleasant guitar melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and feel-good vocals. The alt-country sensibilities in the introduction is phased into a jazz-pop frame with chorals, saxophone flows, and bluesy ballad guitar sequences. Warm baritones absorb the unfurling soundscape into its evocation, slowly crescending into a memorable love-inspired soul pop climax. If the sound of A Great Big World was fused with Phil. Collins, and fringed with Aretha Franklin’s soul blue style, that’s how this ballad sounds. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to ‘Not Worth It’ by Lolo Keys here –