Lovebugs are a band that make the melodies string like a story. They blend pop and rock on the same paper, making a hue of colour many might not be able to even visualise. This is their latest single, and it has all the makings of some lucid sorcery. This is called Kick

There is an undeniable chemistry that comes from parallel worlds of thought. Everyone in the band Lovebugs evidently love songs that have a closed beginning and end. The story is an extension only in your mind, and that is how this single is composed. Though the acoustic has the percussion highlight originally, the song becomes rich and full, especially when the harmonies come in. Each member of the band participates in tapping into the intangible feel of the song, one of their greatest strengths. Dynamic and evolving, the chorus strikes a little different every time you hear it. The band has done an incredible job in balancing out the sounds and chord progressions. There are colour complements in the feeling, and tonally you will be in for a joyous surprise. Understandably, I played this several times to just get past the addiction. Kick is that addiction you get from that special person, and in this case, this song. 

If you want to hear more gorgeous songs like this, you can explore their album Love Bugs Me, from 2007. They are returning with quite the audio palette, and you can taste the amuse bouche here: