Madame Machine releases her debut single, Villain. It is a suave, classy track, with a solid bassline and vocal performance offsetting it’s cool. To kick off a music career and create a hefty introduction, this song does all that it needs to do and more.

A dependable chunk of the track comes from the lo-fi styled bassline that is a constant. Madame Machine walks this tightrope with elegance-the pauses between the lyrics being where the instrumentals shine. The minimal nature of the track allows the focus to be solely on the vocal performance, with the chorus being the hook. The harmonics come in with industrial, spaced out beats. There are moments where she sounds like Poppy overlaying her vocals on a NIN track.

A great party opener, this track can have your window panes rattling. The song is an edgy, classy creation, with nothing being too much “in your face”. It has the groove embedded deep, and Madame Machine delivers with a charm that can’t be bought, even with the best personality. She might be just beginning, and she has the potential to have a catalogue that is a varied portfolio of music. This kind of villain is made. Listen to her track here: