You might know Madison Davenport from her popular track Monsters released earlier in September. Now she brings her feel good pop/rock back with candied joy-with Oh Shit!. Her single is a magical experience, filled with joyous builds and honest feelings expressed with crystalline execution. Let’s get into what makes this another hit from Madison.

Lyrically, Madison is just expressing explicitly how much she likes someone. This exclamation turns into a 3-minute 40-second joyride of emotions, feelings and thoughts relating to a revelation. With intense pop rock energy, Madison Davenport brings in the guitars for the chorus with a devilish intensity, building to create a crescendo that is worth the wait. The breakdown is tonally different, it strays from the chorus while still giving subtle hints about the performance style and direct link with the tempo. All in all, it ends with all the bells and whistles at the right time, instead of letting it bore. Simple and effective songwriting.

Monsters might have been her ticket in, but she isn’t slowing down in song or style. Her music reflects her eccentric personality, and sells to others that might feel the same way about themselves. This is reflective art without the pretentious foreground, and that’s why it is great. Listen to Madison Davenport with her fresh new single here: