Manu Chevalier and Michael Washington elevate romance to the next level with latest single, ‘I belong to you’. The track is a sublime blend of Chevalier’s disco pop and Michael’s silky smooth soul styles. You can instantly pick up on the retro influences executed in a way that is reminiscent of ABBA, Michael Jackson, and Queen mixed in with Daft Punk sensibilities. And as Michael’s vocals whisper songs of love and magic, the old school elements flash with modern R&B tints, bringing artists like Pharell Williams, Bruno Mars, and Usher to mind. Listen Now!

The track marks the sophomore release of Manu Chevalier. His dance driven beats and grooves are devoted to creating a listening experience that correlates the joy of movement with sound infusions. With detailed and extensive soundscapes, the artist gives himself space to weave diverse genres and sonic themes together. In this song alone, we see elements of disco, pop, and neo-soul flushed with jazz, funk, and blues.

The artist is an ardent music explorer, making him a great live musician. He is also a composer, saxophonist, and background vocalist. His debut single titled, ‘Get On The Dance Floor’ featured the vocals of BSKi against yet another vibrant backdrop.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘I belong to you’ by Manu Chevalier and Michael Washington here –