Mark Millar brings back the 00s indie rock scene with style. His songs have the nostalgia, lyricism and creative output of Mayer in his prime, the Room For Squares years. He gently surfs on tracks with ease, and creates a comfortable, soothing and joyous atmosphere with his music, His latest single is called The Great Adventure.

With an indie rock core, Mark Millar brings in the sounds of the sea or a fascinating road trip. The glide just exists within the song, the transition and progression is that simple and easygoing. It creates this rich atmosphere with harmonics that are balanced right, while Mark’s vocals take us through the narrative. He creates a groove that is unmistakably his, especially after listening to his 2021 album, Take Me To The River. He has a superpower of navigating us right to the emotion, and that is what this song does as well. There is no way you could get bored with that progression, and the execution makes it worth bring branded a holiday song. There is an infectious amount of catchiness trapped within, and it’s difficult to get it out.

If that visual on his album art is what you conjured up in your imagination, he has done his job, He has a gift for creating effortlessly charming music, with personality and jokes and a life worth listening to. Creating and manifesting these kinds of sounds and tales is his forte, and we wish he does it for a long time to come. Listen to his single here: