MATTFOU won’t be caged by the morbid shackles of mediocrity. He sees music in many layers, and that is how he’ll display it to us. There is a power in his sound that comes from a place of genius. Maybe you can hear it in his latest single as well, just like his earlier ones. With archiethekidd, this single is called CODEPENDENT. Here is your weekly highest looped song.

This song works perfectly for more reasons than one. As the vocals come in, it is evident how well it has been designed to envelop it. You can feel the instrumental sound almost catering to the verse, receding and swelling when needed. The trap beat and smooth instrumentals just tease what might come in the chorus. Focus lies on the vocals, no part of the production steals the show, just keeps it running. The superb frequency of the hi-hat sound keeps changing, keeping a dynamic conversation going with the song. It is a brilliant way to compose, while giving the lyrics the niche it needs in the song. 

MATTFOU has hit it big with certain singles, especially Familia and Cold Winter, being streamed excessively. Being catchy and stylish tracks, it is easy to get hooked to them. Production and composition work at this level is hard to nail, and this man does it with a backhanded ease. His song Feel Free, featuring MASSY Q and Strat is another addictive song. Listen to his single and follow him for more tracks that will make your party be a hit: