Into the Past by Matthew Aucoin is the first song of the artist’s country-pop album of the same name. Released in May of last year, the album contains 14 songs that spreads and flows like expansive green grass fields in the country. Matthew Aucoin is a story-teller and uses his sound to convey the deep, golden emotions of love and friendship. His songs carry words of simple wisdom that are elegantly delivered with liquid guitar melodies.

Into the Past serenades the protagonist’s lover with sweet reassurance and honey passion. The heart melting lyrics engages the listener while the guitar melodies enact and perform the protagonist’s saccharine emotion. With Aucoin’s signature raspy vocal melodies and soothing guitar chords, the song is undeniably wonderful.

The artist employs magnificent musical harmonies to showcase the depth of the protagonist’s longing and vulnerability. By adding lovely harmonica melodies into his guitar arcs, the song is given an additional layer of richness and abundance. The marvelous rendition of intimate and touching emotions speaks to the majestic talent and emotional depth of the artist.

Into the Past is only a small teaser. With the rest of the songs carrying molten melodies and humbling wisdom, the album, Into the Past needs to get on your brain now!

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music and JioSaavn.

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