Matthew Aucoin is a 24 year old singer-songwriter from Houston. After performing “New Surrender” with Bruce Springsteen, he was inspired to begin writing his own music. He released his first album, ‘Into The Past’ in 2021 and has released three singles since then. ‘Upward Fall’ is his latest single late May of this year. 

With a pleasing guitar intro that is reminiscent of John Mayer’s work, the singer eases into the song with his raspy vocals and sincere tone. With a simple and a steady drum work, the song progresses with high energy to the chorus with catchy lyrics, soft – sweetened harmonies and guitar melodies. 

The song is peppered with small details that is refreshing to discover. We can hear the subtle guitar arcs rounding up and linking the vocals of the verses. The combination of the soprano and baritone harmonies leading up to the chorus and continuing thereafter makes for a dreamy experience. As the song inches towards conclusion, the artist engages centrifugal force to euphonically whip stray elements from all over the song together, to form the backdrop for his vocal showcase. 

The musical elements are aesthetically placed to maximize listener experience and it was riveting to experience the journey of Upward Fall. With honest lyrics inspired by real life lessons and passionate rhythm, this song is a great listen. 

Available on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music. 

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