Mesmershade is a dark-pop duo who breathe life into melancholy with their music. Their sound refutes conventional contours of genres and redefines it to suit the thematic mood and aesthetic. This process of exploration and discovery allows them to cast commonplace themes in a different light, and showcase a new perspective that elevates the listening experience. In their latest single, ‘Petrichor’, they present a haunting soundscape to flesh out the bittersweet quality of nostalgia.

iTunes Artwork for 'Petrichor - Single (by Mesmershade)'

The vocals spin a storytelling narrative that whirlpools around the petrichor moment and memory. Wound in heartache, loneliness, and painful quietness, it springs with live imagery. And it is quite impressive how they achieve such emotive richness with such a minimalist composition. The monotonal vocals are detailed by monotonal melodies to form a cyclical infinity. Undercurrents of melancholy and tragedy are weaved in. The composition is remarkably poignant and atmospherically soul-stirring. Listen Now!

Mesmershade debuted earlier this year with their EP, ‘Echoes of Elegy’. The collection of tracks string beautiful concepts with such painstaking emotional parameters. They have since released a single titled ‘Nightmare Sprite’ that preceded the release of this track.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Petrichor’ by Mesmershade here –