Michael Peloso is a sanguine soul. With a passion that is relentless and undying, his will and power of hope form the core of his songwriting and music. Diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer 5 years ago and overcome it, the artist has danced with death enough to know the value of life and a chance at happiness. He aspires to revive his listeners by sharing his story, worldviews, and experiences. In his new track, Rewind, Michael Peloso collaborates with vocalist Marisa Frantz, and music producer, Matthew Shell to create an ambient-pop style track.

The track has a luminous center. And from it emerge the enlightening strings of melodies and renewed activity of the soul. With an uplifting sound profile, the song will invariably cause you to leap back to life. Listening to it is like those sudden moments of wakefulness where the world around you feels surreal.

Marisa’s silky vocals are a soothing delight, as they daintily dally across the soundscape like leaves flitting in the breeze. The glinting guitar lines are beams of sunrays sailing through. And when the sea of angelic harmonies drenches the track, we float on the magical saucers of folk percussion to a climactic gratitude. The artist has also released the instrumental version of the track. Don’t forget to check that out as well!

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Rewind by Michael Peloso featuring Marisa Frantz and Matthew Shell here –