You know all those times when you had to say goodbye and your throat was tight with all these feelings you didn’t understand? This Moment by Mick J Clark is a pop duet that beautifully articulates that moment of speechless agony.

“This moment has been captured, forever in my heart!
This moment, I’ll remember whenever we’re apart.
If lonely nights ever visit me, then I’ll remember what used to be
Although, I hope I will never see an empty place where we used to be.”

The pop single glistens with a riveting salsa ballad vibe. With retro Spanish melodies and salsa beats, the song is laden with vintage warmth and melancholy. Reminiscent of Abba, Olivia Newton-John, and Carpenters, the melodies are dramatic and all-feeling. With heart-warming theatrics and a touch of melodrama, the duet is the sweetest thing that you’ll hear.

The artists’ interpretation of goodbye is incredibly refreshing. Cheerful, hopeful, and romantic, the artists load the track with heartwarming lyrics and beautiful imagery.

They use the momentary divide as an occasion to reminisce and celebrate their journey and look forward to the joys of the future. Without suffering and struggling, they gracefully surrender to fate with a promise to make art with it. Full of soul and shining purity, the track is full of tenderness and leaves us with a soft feeling.

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