It might be their first single in 8 years, but God, do they know how to do it right. MINT is not your ordinary corner pub startup band. Coming from a rock band background, this trio has managed to blend together so many elements and genres. What they create in the end is an exciting, generous mix of a cocktail, bubbly and alive. This is their latest single, Devil.

With stretched out yards of guitars that flow and create tides for the vocals, it is no surprise they’ve still got lightning in a bottle. The silver bullet strikes the golden horse, it is all majestic to hear. Only 2:20 in length, it creates this complex dish of instrumental layering with appealing vocals. For a track with that title, it would usually create a grim, desolate soundscape. Instead, MINT choose to develop the tale within their lucky talisman of lyricism. The initial attraction is what you’re fixated on, till you want to hear it again and again. The galloping drums add to the build, the organic, natural clopping sound that leads us to the promised place of eargasmic haven.

From their 2014 EP Murder, MINT have been turning heads. Here they have a circus act of sound, and as ringmaster, they might have had a hard time shuffling through these genres. With their 2017 album Chemical, they brought the house down again, tantalizing instrumentals cascading towards the crystal throne they sit on. Listen to them as they bring it, one more time: