Monagi is a French alternative pop band, led by composer and musician Jess Jacob. The band’s edgy style and energetic sound is informed by deep emotion; balancing pumping rhythm with cinematic swirls of sonic. Monagi has just released their sophomore single, Armour,  Armour. It perfectly lays out their progressive alt pop sound, as they combine dance beats with synth-rock flourishes, and retro vocals – all wrapped up in a wealth of soul sensibilities. With their sonic armor all squared away, they further elevate the listening experience with beguiling flares of melancholy and sentiment. 

Jess seemingly draws his boldness and determination to experiment from artists like Serge Gainsbourg, Warhaus, David Bowie, and Patrick Watson. The track opens with flaps of beats and pulsing basslines. Warm French baritones wash over the mounting rhythm structure, its emotion slowly garnering the patronage of retro synths. A soprano harmony mirrors the lead vocals, reinforcing its experience and emotion. You don’t have to understand French to know that the song is a tale of despondent yearning. An electric indie rock strip leads the vocal tale to its high climax with shimmering synths and resonant rhythm. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Armour, Armour by Monagi here –