Mosu follows up his recent feelgood pop album, glimmer with his latest single, Thank You where he delves into mishappenings and suggests a refreshing way to heal from them and move on gracefully.

Feel good and passionate, the song opens with warm baritones and an upbeat groove. Energetic and happy, the song carries a comforting familiarity and optimism. The dance-pop melodies are full of hope and joy that dissolve readily into us. Taking a refreshing approach to heartbreak and the grief that comes with it, the artist depicts it with lively beats and addictive synth-laden hooks.

In the autobiographical piece, the artist thanks his ex for all the memories, and wishes her love and happiness. Break-ups are always emotional and difficult but they need not drown in the ugliness of anger and resentment. Sometimes, two people are incompatible and it is nobody’s fault. It’s just the way it is and there’s no point in holding grudges. With beautiful harmonies, emotional synth arcs, and a zestful rhythm, the song opens our hearts while compelling movement.

The artist fondly remembers the good parts, readily forgives the differences and moves on with a light heart. The soaring synths embody the gratitude, kindness, and empathy that he holds in his heart. Heart-warming and endearing, the track propagates a beautiful message that will remind you of the important things in life.

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