Mums Favourite are shaking things up, unknowingly. Their kind of music is the kind people have been waiting for, but are too scared of the brackets. Soothing tones, stellar vocals and an enriching detail to notes is given by this band. You will have an instant favourite, by listening to one of their best singles. This one is called Loveboat.

You’re enjoying a soft, candy pillow rhythm with how the song opens. Though Mums Favourite really expands how they play music, they do pay particular attention to catchiness. This is evident in their earlier music as well, even when they want to rock out. This is very different from their hit song Joan of the Arcade, and prides itself on still having that late 70s and 80s flow. You aren’t experiencing a riff here, but a collection of melodies that make for an incredibly fun song. The psychedelia soaked music makes for a tributary in the band’s sound that we wish they would explore much more, though we know they will. It turns into a rock kicker, with vocals turning into a blood curling scream as well. What we wouldn’t give to hear that live as well. 

Mums Favourite are on the path to bring a lot more fans with their sound. Red Room and Primrose are worth checking out, and some of their underrated numbers like Jellyfish Rain as well. Listen to their beautiful song here and follow them for more: