Mexican-American singer-songwriter, Nabyl Sohle has just released her brand new banger, Filemamania. Based in Los Angeles, the artist writes, composes, and produces her songs in both English and Spanish that are incredibly emotive and instantly relatable. Her time at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) is evident in the performative and theatric elements of her songs as she tells engaging and grooving stories.

A retro saxophone solo opens the track and paves the way for the artist’s smoky vocals. Sensual and beckoning, the suave and full Spanish lyrics and the accent adds to the energy and vibe of the song. With a quick progression, the song shows off so many different styles and seamless fusions. The upbeat energy of the pop elements blends into the spontaneity of jazz and classical orchestrals melodies against a hip-hop backdrop.

We also see quick accents of rippling piano melodies and wisps of lively violin lines layering and challenging the saxophone. The artist sprinkles catchy leitmotifs across the track that charmingly complement the energy of the hip-hop verses. Both passionate and playful, the artist explores an all-consuming love and the desperation that comes with it. Just like the theme, the more you consume the song, the more of it you’ll need.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

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