Natalie Clark is a Scottish singer-songwriter with a beautiful melodic allure. Her brand of pop is infused with her mystical heritage, using it to drive the track to empowering heights. In her latest single, Mission, Natalie Clark weaves a tale of perseverance, courage, and success. Drawing from her dreams, experience, and personal journey, she paves a path to being unstoppable. 

The melodies and vocals are soft and surreal with cool undertones. But uplifted by the power of will and irrepressible spirit, it presents the sublime grace and magnitude of her artistic style. Listeners of Adele, Ellie Golding, and Rachel Platten are sure to enjoy the heartfelt and life-inspired portrayals of this artist. 

iTunes Artwork for 'Mission - Single (by Natalie Clark)'

The track is weaved with soul pop threads, accentuated by R&B styled deliveries. Mellowed out orchestral ensembles pulse in the backdrop that are flushed with modern electronica in the chorus. Natalie’s vocals are effortless and classy with its emotions being magnified by the emphatic sonic formations. All culminating in the climactic arc as leaves of high octave harmonies, grand violins, and groovy beats collide to bring the mission to fruition. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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