Nashville, Tennessee-based artist, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Nick Noon comes blazing with his heartfelt EP, A Jejune Affair. And it is anything but jejune. The EP features his 2022 releases, Costumes and Bring Out The Sunshine along with two new tracks. In the second track, When The Chariot Calls, Nick Noon sweeps us off our feet with cinematic nostalgia. 

Its retro-radiant acoustics and lilting classical melodies swathe the song with a vintage film aesthetic. Simplicity is an endearing quality. Despite seeming plain, it is underpinned with dense layers of perspectives. This track uncovers the lovable trait with memorable weaves of euphony. 

The artist uses matte textures to soften the canvas. Getting lost in it is like being transported in time; a brief lapse in reality. These simple textures allow the artist to shine a spotlight on instrumental cinema. 

However, the song is guided by the melancholic vocal exposition. The acoustic guitar melodies and the swelling violins, cello, flute flows follow the emotion, and magnify it. His technique is highly sophisticated as he beautifully unites engaging pop themes with soothing classical tones.

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