Niel Theos is an artist who is known for his ecstatic melodic music that is atmospheric and immersive that is intertwined with deep vocals. Incorporating pop and hip-hop feel with his deep vocals that create a vibe that is heart-melting. He has released a total of  3 tracks and each one of them is a masterpiece. The way this artist weaves music into such a beautiful mesh is surely enchanting. He made his debut in 2021 and I just can’t wait for him to drop more tracks. Do give this artist a go and trust me, you will surely love his work.

I recently came across this artist through his latest release named ‘City Lights’ which is surely my favorite track from his discography. The track is like a beautiful collision of exquisite lyricism and deep musicality that can bewitch you. His vocals are crustal clear and deep. The vocals create the whole vibe of the track and take the track to a whole different level. You can surely feel the vibe through the beginning itself. The smooth flows sound great and the way they are executed is remarkable. The hook is addictive and hooks onto the tongue right off the bat. This is surely a highly addictive track that can get into your head and stay there for days. This is a highly recommended track for anyone who seeks melodic hip-hop and music that runs deep in emotions. Do give this track a go. This is a must-add to your driving playlist! 🙂

Catch a little glimpse of the track by Niel Theos here-