Nobody’s Wolf Child is a cinematic-pop band that delivers worlds within their compositions. Each song is created to twice exist, as they transcend the apparent soundscape and delve into alternative spaces that arouse mystique and magic. Big Bad Wolf by Nobody’s Wolf Child is a dark poetic exposition that drags through the mind leaving behind a bone-chilling trail.

Theatrical to the T, the song sets the scene at the get-go with the sounds of the night and prophetic whispers all wrapped up with a sinister destiny. Emphatic basslines roam the glassy walls of soft vocals that are reminiscent of Lana Del Rey. Its wispy texture allows the emotions to escape and disperse across the soundscape. Haunted sonic accents are seamlessly introduced into the scene as the story slithers forward.

Baleful and eerie harmonies rise like smoky ghosts from the canvas; swirling around the vocals like a stormy choir. Toward the end, we see a classical showcase with winding violins, resonant basslines, and praying harmonies forming a climatic whirlwind before vanishing into thin air.

Espousing a plethora of cinematic flourishes, the band’s narrative has a visual presence as the melodies present the mood of the creatures and beasts within. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the living, breathing worlds beyond the songs and unveil the lore behind them.

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