Palms Psalm doesn’t take you to the waterline. They bring it to you. A project by Eric Pasi, this is where you know a project is fuelled by passion. Blending elements of surf rock with indie and songwriting styles that are rare to find, this is Blood+Water.

Where this song differs is in all ways, shape and form. With a simple progression with a clean toned, jangly guitar-it creates a refreshing sound. The chorus and verse differ in approach, not principle. The vocals mirror the gentle sea breeze that this song personifies. The synths and flowing creations of audio are capable of transporting you, free of cost. The breakdown and bridge are unlike any other we’ve heard, smooth yet experimental in how the closing is going to be. It is endless in a way, and disappoints you when it’s over. Then you remember you have a loop button available.

Palms Psalm know that their music is unlike anything composition wise that is being recorded on a large scale. Here, they really bank on that beautiful sound, making it the core and surrounding of this park we get to roam. Minimum guidance, but a creative image that is mesmerizing and drawing you in, closer. I might not have jet points for travel, but at least I have this song.

Listen to Blood+Water here: