Paul Supreme grew up getting inspired by his father and his uncle, who played in a band called the Frogs. Growing up in a household where music was a huge part of life made him inclined toward creating music. At the age of 18, Paul started writing and recording his first song which exhibits some deep experimental Hip-Hop. He is known for his innovative approach to music. He spins music that caresses the heart and fills up the soul. Do give this amazing artist a go and you will not be disappointed.

I recently came across this artist through his latest single In A Robe which is one of his best works yet. The track packs some deep house elements fused with rhythmic hip-hop beats that use EDM elements. His vocals are something out of this planet. The vocals are both melodic and impactful at the same time. This is surely the type of experiment that I enjoy! You will surely love the way this artist cooks music and bends genres creating a vibe of his own. The melodies are deep and ambient, just how we like them! The little touch of progressive Techno is what had me hooked to the track throughout. You will surely enjoy this track if you love listening to something fresh out of the oven. Do give this track a spin and you will be amazed by how beautifully this artist blends several genres and creates an everlasting vibe.

You can catch a little glimpse of In A Robe by Paul Supreme here-