British singer-songwriter and artist, Rachel Davie Lee ‘s Love is in the Air, from her EP album Barely Concealed is a fusion masterpiece. Showcasing beautiful synergies of classical, jazz, pop, and neo-soul genres, the song brings is beyond appealing and leaves you with a fresh perspective on all things love and romance.

A dominant all-feeling violin melody, lined with pausing keys opens the song. Mellow beats set the tempo as the resounding vocals flower through. Spacy synths swirl in the background, accentuated by their space aesthetics. The artist fuses neo-soul with funk and blues to form a romantic compositional style.

Mystical and enchanting, the song is unlike anything we’ve ever heard. Lee’s unique interpretation of love and romance bleeds through the song. Velvet and vintage, we are overridden by a quaint strangeness. The song makes us feel as though we have entered an ancient mansion, rich with history and alive with stories. The vocal style and timbre showcase the intense side of being in love, uncensored and raw.

Exulting and lilting, the force of the vocals casts a warm glow on us, cozy and comforting. The song is loaded with an enigma that can only be experienced. The vocals oscillate between devastation and profound creation. With the mystery of prophecies, tarot cards, and crystal balls, the energy of the song envelopes us but cannot be grasped or retained.

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