Putting her own spin on the Billi Eilish, Really Cute Cats has just released Everything I Wanted featuring Shelley Marie. The multi-layered wonder is thoroughly lively and engaging while also incredibly emotive and passionate. Coming together like a dream, the song makes for a great listen!

The electro-fest is exorbitantly energetic and loaded with blinding synths that set us on the path to an immense trip. The artist transforms the original track and opens it up with light and dancing melodies. Without taking away the melodramatic and brooding appeal of the track, the artist pumps it with a well-blended beat-synth duo. A fuzzy bassline snakes through the track.

The soundscape is at the mercy of the emotive vocals, the prime jewel of the original composition. This is why it’s impressive to see how the artist effortlessly commands them to both amplify the inky emotions and energize the soundscape at the same time. If you’ve listened to Eilish’s version, you know that the essence is nothing but treasured. It glistens in the center as warm synths play and fly around it with exploding colors.

The vocals create a whole other universe within this universe. The masterful modulations, wispy tangents – soft and strong, streaming harmonies, and octave play is magical to behold; especially when it flowers with the synths.

Available on Spotify!

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