Realma is an intimate musical alter-ego of an independent Serbian/Chinese polymodal artist. Her music has been featured in Rolling Stone India, Calvert Journal, Music Crowns, as well as numerous media outlets across the world. Ashgrey Butterfly by Realma is a fantasy land where animated melodies and synths knit magical tales.

The feel-good neo-soul track is full of light and a fulfilling hope. Every melody drips into you; a golden ambrosia, until you’re reverberating with immutable positivity and wonder. It is restorative and mystical, gentle and sweet. Floating on its lilting sea of glowing melodies, with beautiful harmonies lapping at the edges of your body, is an epitome of serenity and you feel at home.

The artist depicts how it feels to be different than the rest of the world, to feel like a puzzle piece misplaced into the wrong box. She ponders on how to navigate the clouds of doubt and confusion as she tries to find her place in the world. Why do I fly differently, without a place to belong anywhere? This concept is also masterfully showcased by the artist in three additional arrangements namely, live string, quartet, band session and acapella.

Fairy tale synths frolic against a backdrop of sweeping instrumentations and harmonies. The tone of the song is incredibly endearing as the artist looks for another like herself with a childlike hope and optimism. It draws us in and has us looking for another ashgrey butterfly beneath the leaves of violin melodies and mesmerizing synth flowers. So if you’re feeling as ashgrey as the artist, on a quest to find your home and happy place, this song is for you.

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