RELIZA merges the best of sound with life experiences. It is a weird balance to achieve, and only a few can express it. Her melodies are soothing incantations of the several facets of life. The moment pen is put to paper, the memories are stories. You can learn a lot from a song of hers. This is her latest single, It’s My Time. 

The soft beginnings of the chord progression call you in. RELIZA brings very softly composed music, though her lyrics can be the dynamic opposite. Her she claims her way, where she writes life a little love letter. Scouring the depths of her experiences, the rhythm and melodies dance a bewitching ballet with her soft vocals. You seem like you’re flowing away with the melody, the way it has been composed. The production layers her vocals and clever lyrics with the amazing chorus hook. The cotton candy lightness of the vocals is the pretext you need to hear-layered with the echoing, haunting synth progression. A pop dream in every nugget.

You can listen to her brilliant popular single, Just a Memory on her Spotify. She thinks out of the box with her music, so you’ll always remain in awe, while learning the nuances. Listen to her single here: