Romain Gutsy is a French musician and eclectic singer-songwriter with a reputation for charisma. His songs are filled with performative elements, surmounting with excitations and fun story telling. He fuses elements of retro pop with soul accents and quirky effects to form a sonic fabric that is distinctively his. Romain has just released his second studio album in two years called Numero 2. It features some of his previously released singles like Lany, Girl From Kerry, and Like an Uyghur in China. Taken from this album is the track, I’m James Bond, for which Romain Gutsy collaborates with fellow artist and singer-songwriter Marc Bentel. 

The track makes for a very memorable listening experience. Its curiously dramatic vocals are placed in a web of chiming accordions, springing trumpet melodies, and thumping beats. Not wanting for pep or play, the song has two moods to engage the listener. One is of plastic mysteries that is contrived with overt histrionics and funky bed of electronica, and the other, an orchestral jazz pop. And weaving through these alternating patterns and textures, the listener journeys through the life of the iconic masculin icon, peerless spy, and womanizer, James Bond. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to I’m James Bond from the Numero 2 Album by Romain Gutsy here –