Romeo Vaughn is a Mexican American artist based in Texas. His family is self-admittedly a huge inspiration for his music and his Southern upbringing, as evident in his new release, informs his songwriting heavily. He has been putting out music since 2013 and is back in 2024 with his latest single “Doin My Thang”!

The track is reminiscent of songs from boy bands in the early 2000s that leave you feeling nostalgic; yearning for good old times. It has very catchy single tone keys and an acoustic guitar with a fast riff that feels refreshing. The percussion is very light and truly acts as a supporting instrument while the song structure follows convention. We are introduced to the voice of Romeo Vaughn through his ad-libs. His vocal performance is twangy with country inflections, his accent making his loyalty to his geography abundantly clear.

Lyrically the track is titled accurately and serves as a confession by Romeo Vaughn. It is an expression of doing what feels most authentic to him and prioritising joy and placing pleasure at the centre of his life. The line “Doin My Thang” is also delivered with a sense of modesty and humility. He describes his life in the country, its roads, the bonfire and the way he rides about town in the form of a journal entry that chronicles one’s day from the time they wake up. This also adds to the nostalgic feeling of early 2000s pop music the song is successful at recreating.

I particularly enjoyed the backup vocals during the chorus and the way Romeo Vaughn played with his vocal tones during the bridge. The ad-libs and inclusion of multiple languages in the writing feel like a breath of fresh air! Check out the track here: