US-based singer-songwriter and composer, RØSES explores attachment patterns and the dark side of love in her debut single, Self Destructive. Her dainty vocals and their soothing allure are a supreme treat for the ears. With a minimalistic style and simple delivery, the lilting single is bewitching which can be seen in her other tracks like Creatures and My Love.

Mysterious synths set the stage for the artist’s gripping vocals. Melodious and magical, the soft vocal texture is fluid and smooth. Reminiscent of Billie Eilish, the track is melodramatic with devastating vocals and melancholic melodies. Dark and edgy, the synths drip with shiny black fabric, studded with onyx tragedy and obsidian pain.

With a mellow flow, the vocals twinkle and sparkle against the spacy synths. Profoundly romantic, elements of exoticism and mystique appeal emerge from the soundscape. The artist uses shadowing melodies and pockets of soft echo that cushion and fuse the synth and vocal textures. Rippling synths streak across the canvass like shooting stars as the vocals paint a sensational cosmic movie.

A tale of velvet destruction and resignation, the track explores pain addictions and the glamor of heartbreak. Listeners of Lana Del Ray, Lorde, and Björk will find solace under the cozy blanket of RØSES’ aching vocals and yearning synths.

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