Sahara Beck is an up and rising pop artist and singer-songwriter. Her rising acclaim is well-deserved, as she consistently transforms the pop scape with innovative drives and creative styles. Known for her stellar theatrics and performative themes, her work is unendingly entertaining and sonically bewildering. In her latest track, Hunter, Sahara Beck unleashes a grand synth-pop. Listeners of Pharell Williams, Portugal. The Man, and The Weeknd are sure to enjoy the colorful display of this artist. 

The track is led by rhythmic dance pulses, rolled into a looping melody by Sahara’s silk vocals. It is casually confident and teasing as it rides the waves of sonic. It caresses and texturizes the vibrant synth blooms. A wealth of beat breaks and catchy percussive motif adds dimension to the drama and a rhythm to the story she’s telling. 

The back-handed elegance and apparent simplicity of the track incredibly adds to Sahara’s artistic charisma and style. Mid-track, the peppy beats and choppy vocals slow down to an emotive swell; dripping with vulnerability before taking off again. The artist debuted 2013, with her single, In The Valley and has since released fifteen singles and an album, with her recent tracks garnering over two lakh streams on Spotify every month. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Hunter by Sahara Beck here –