There’s always an element of fun, quirk, excitement, and dynamism in Sam Feinstein’s compositions. His orientation to the rock genre is idiosyncratic, so unique, as he infuses alt rock spheres with retro funk, electric synths, disco grooves, and wacky electronica. Enriched in melody, movement, and momentum, his soundscapes have the energy and charisma of Elvis Presley and the innovation of Daft Punk. ‘Maslow’s Mountain’ is Sam Feinstein’s latest single. The track explores the reality of the working class struggle. He speaks to the difficulties of achieving self-actualisation when worrying about getting access to basic necessities of food, water, and shelter. 

iTunes Artwork for 'Maslow's Mountain - Single (by Sam Feinstein)'

The concept is emboldened with experimental set ups that he consistently cultivates into a strong narrative. He involves angsty funk and pumping them with hyper riffs, racing beats, and a passionate vocal croon. The urgency in the unrelenting rhythm perhaps alludes to the race for survival, a tunnel vision that prevents the vibrant perspective swirling around. With interesting evolutions that defies all expectations, we see blues rock, 80s synthwave and even neo-jazz accents. 

The artist has outdone himself with this composition. Having debuted in 2022, he has steadily proven himself to be a revolutionary, both as a human and as a musician. Listen Now! 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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