Sean Hobbes is a pop-soul singer-songwriter based in New Orleans. His songs present diverse expressions and experiences of love and life. Transforming his sound and style with an array of sonic influences and genres, each piece of work caters to specific themes and mood profiles. Sean’s ability to suit his soundscapes to his stories and narratives provide the listener with an immersive experience. His latest release is a 10 track LP, Images of Roses. The track, Make Me Say introduces the collection with an ambient funk-pop and neo-jazz soundscape. Listeners of Tom Misch, Glass Animals, and Yellow Magic Orchestra are sure to enjoy the mellow, yet vivid funk sensibilities of this track. Drifting matte sax melodies weave into a fabric of groovy guitars, glassy textures, and chill beats. Reconciling all these tones and patterns is Sean’s soul-pop vocal thread; its passion exciting and inspiring the blooming curves and destinies of the sonic frames. 

Sean’s band,The Hi Res, comprises an eclectic group of musicians with Kevin Appelson on the drums, Tristan Clark on bass, Riley English on guitar, Mauricio Viana on keys & tenor sax, Aidan Swindell on bari sax, and Avery Bell on the trombone. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Make Me Say from the Images of Roses Album by Sean Hobbes here –