Selfish Bodies is a woman-led alt-rock and pop trio based in Edmonton AB. Their brand of darkwave and melancholic pop-rock edges the line of emo-rock and shadow pop. In their latest double single, Hideous, Selfish Bodies trace the contours of self-love and self-esteem with ironic lyricism and dingy melodies. The title track on a-side, and b-side features Bambi Legs. The latter track’s bright tones and light aura beautifully contrast the former.

In a world where body-image borders as both vice and virtue, the track inspires a defiant outlook. With deep grooves, dark vocals, and apocalyptic inclinations, it showcases the despondency of self-hate. Despite being swathed in black attire, the artists lead us toward the light at the end of the tunnel. So relinquish the archaic ideals and find your version of it.

The sensual vocals float over the resounding guitar basslines and thumping beats; a pale and ghostlike world. Using sparkling acoustic key melodies, the artists balance out the soundscape with a magical softness. The crawling rhythm allows for a full dilation of the theme. And in the bridge, the power in the vocals bleeds out in the form of a wailing electric guitar solo.

Like a priestess performing rituals to a deity, the track is meant to worship and revere the beauty and power of womanhood. Listeners of Lorde, Tove Lo, and Billie Eilish will thoroughly enjoy the menacing mystery and rebellion.

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