UK-based singer-songwriter, producer, and director, Silas Armstrong has released a breezy, feel-good, energetic indie pop, Silver, that is an instant mood booster. Since the release of his debut album, So Much For Love in 2021, the artist has garnered over 180,000 streams. We see a mosaic of genres blends in his new single that are influenced by his collaborations with producers like JHust|3 and Aymen Valentino, rappers MegaMikes, and Brixton Chamber Orchestra.

Vintage guitar melodies, illuminating lines of synths, and vocal accentuations open the song. Full of light and upbeat optimism, the song is reminiscent of a bright morning. Adoring the lover, the lyrics employ lovely metaphors to convey her awesomeness. A molten electric guitar melody leads us to the second verse. Guitar and saxophone wisps dance through the vocals like rainbow sprinkles and confetti.

Celebratory and ecstatic, the song’s tone is elevated by beat grooves. We also see subtle key melodies and a continuous layer of acapella. The stunning saxophone solo drives us to a euphoric peak and ends it on a high note.

A versatile artist, Armstrong puts his best foot forward with this single. From orchestral swings, catchy synths, and rock guitar melodies to poetic lyrics and acapella, the song has everything!

Available on Spotify and YouTube Music!

Listen to Silver by Silas Armstrong here –