Holland has been racking up hits since the age of 10 when she was selected to join the Japanese teen pop group “HappyNs” and released her debut pop single, Realistic. After she moved to Canada, the artist embraced her musical inclinations and became a full-fledged singer-songwriter. With her latest release, Dear Anxiety, Skye Holland writes a heartfelt letter with dance-driven beats, incredible hooks, and beautiful melodies.

The song inclines like a mountain that the artist scales with an energetic pop-scape. And the peaks in the chorus are made up of electric purple swishes of melodies, chiming harmonies, and a vibrant beat outfit that form a freeing coalition. The artist is an anthem queen, rallying all our thoughts and mind voices into revolutionary compositions that speak all our truths.

With punching beats and dilated guitar melodies forming the backdrop, the artist’s vocals become a vessel for conversational lyrics that we relate to instantly. She uses melodic leitmotifs like acapella whistling and soft harmonies that form addictive circuits in the brain.

The artist’s music has been featured and placed in The Young & The Restless, Temptation Island, and was even used for the Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade! Her songs have hit a high #10 on the Billboard Dance/ Mix Show US National Airplay Chart/ Mix Show Chart, and Billboard Adult Top 40 Chart!

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music!

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