Songs for Sabotage is an American electro-pop duo. Their strong grasp on the melancholic spirit is a gift that keeps on giving. Each release is marked by elevated notions of sensitivity for life, love, and a sense of self. Dilating these constructs, they peel back layers of pain, fortune, wisdom, and heartache. And listening to them is as much an exercise in contemplation as it is in claiming space for your despondence and dysfunction. ‘Fortress’ is the outfit’s latest track. It is a fluid sphere of acoustics and electronica, highlighted by Lina’s vocal resonance. It explores the experience of giving yourself to another, completely, without inhibitions or resistance.

‘I feel it slipping straight through my hands, that was my fortress; now, it’s a grain of sound’

iTunes Artwork for 'Fortress - Single (by Songs for Sabotage)'

Sonically, the track conceptualizes a boundlessness and freedom, forming and crystallizing progressively. With succinct frameworks and buoyant melodic details, the buoyancy of flowing again, after being frozen in a fortress of fear and anxiety, is represented so beautifully. It is classy, contemporary, and insightfully produced.

Songs for Sabotage is Lina Sophie and Richey Rose. Formed in 2017, they are inspired by Swedish pop, 80s 1st wave, 90s alternative and 00s indie. Check out their discography now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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