Unlike Beck’s Loser, Stefan Dando has a positive outlook with his catchy loser based track. Loser Anatomy is a heartfelt, introspective song from Stefan-this is indie rock in all its joy and glory. It has all the ingredients to be your week’s addiction.

The clean, jangly guitar complements Stefan Dando and his vocal performance note for note. Just like his softer, sweeter voice-the distortion in the guitar only comes in for the chorus. This is a fun track, it has really great hooks in the verse as well. Listeners can relate to how smooth the transitions are, with the image of an ingrained anatomy that is something everyone connects with. The sound is a unique, clean tone that Stefan knows how to navigate around to make these delicious hooks that do all the heavy lifting. The progression is like any pop track, but the execution is like any other.

With only one other track under his belt, he is making every release count. His other single Love Doesn’t Need Me also has a simple groove and songwriting mastery that is waiting to be uncaged. He has all the notes in control, yet an organic joy/sadness is visible in the tracks he makes. Loser Anatomy might go on to become his crown jewel in the catalogue, for now. We can’t wait for more of his singles to be released. Listen to his single here: