Made up of three friends who found their musical melting point during the lockdown, Stone Diamond is an indie-rock/pop outfit whose simple style and charm open windows to multiverses of magic of which their latest single, November is a classic example. The track beautifully unpacks their eclectic style and appeal, and is not to be missed!

With punching beats and vintage guitar melodies, the peppy rock track comes to life. The melodies glint through the marching rhythm while the basslines liberate the song with its simple loops. The track is cut out of a fuzzy soundscape and romanticized by the mesmerizing vocal timbre. It carries an apparent magic and charm that seeps into you and has you feeling bejeweled.

Reminiscent of Tame Impala, the track hides its mystique in plain sight. Uncovering the blossoming emotions hidden behind the rhythm, segment and textures is an exercise in surrealism. Each element is its own master, whimsical and unique. However, a fleeting feeling reconciles and binds them irrevocably. Behind the walls of illusion created by the stable rhythm and vocals is a magnificent universe of trippy energy that draws you into a psychedelic feast.

Hypnotic spirals of melodies fused into a colorful helix of surrealism devour your mind to create musical raptures that are impossible to recover from. Drenched with autumnal melancholy, the track will fit right into your winter, end-of-year playlists.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

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